Environmentally Responsible

At Viyilant SRL we strongly believes that care for the environment is the responsibility of each one of us and that we can all contribute to reduce the impact of our activity on ecology. To this purpose, we have implemented the following standards:

  1. Selective trash picking. Since 2009, Viyilant has established selective waste separation at both sites; batteries and accumulators are sent to safety landfills for their proper disposal. Since 2020, selective waste separation has been carried out and part of the waste is destined to generate compost.

  2. We subscribe to international standards.Since 2005 our liquid level controls comply with European Union regulation 95/2002, which restricts the use of Lead, Hexavalent Chromium, Mercury, Polybrominated Biphenyl Biphenyl, Cadmium and Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether in electrical and electronic equipment.

  3. Recycling. All the materials used are recycled in our plant and reused in our productive scheme. Those that cannot be recycled are sent to specialized recycling centers.

  4. Energy saving. 100% of our lighting is CFL.

  5. Industrial residues. Our production process does not generate effluents; the water and oil circuits are closed, avoiding waste and pollution. Oil is removed by a specialized company for future reuse.

With the community and our employees

We believe that the best way to achieve a Socially Responsible Company is to contribute to the community around us, making our small effort to stimulate its development..

  1. Inclusion. In Viyilant creemos que una Empresa también constituye  un espacio de integración, por ello, hoy, el 3 % de nuestros empleados es P.C.D. (personas con discapacidad)

  2. Studies. We believe that education is the basis for development, so we actively support and stimulate our staff to complete their secondary education.

  3. Relax. Since 2014, blind members of the NGO En Buenas Manos visit us weekly and provide a relaxing massage service to the members of the Company; also, once a month, a professional hairdresser cuts the hair of all the members of the staff who wish to renew their look.

  4. Family. We extended parental license to 5 days. School-age children receive a personalized kit with everything they need for the start of the school year.

  5. Special day. All members of staff have a day off for their birthday; they also have one day off per year without requiring a justification.

  6. Breakfast, lunch (with vegetarian option), fruit and snacks are provided daily.

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